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It takes a lot of things to be good at something. The most important thing, we feel, is being truly passionate about your work. We love to produce products of this nature and quality.


We've spent the greater parts of our lives collecting and studying these devices and are elated at the publics reception of them. It seems that most everyone who handles one of our planchettes immediately knows that they're holding something special. Those who use one of our planchettes become certain of this...


When I was young, I spent a great deal of time reading. I was most interested in magic books at first. I didn't care much for "here's how to make a rabbit come out of a hat" type stuff as much as biographies of the great ones like Harry Houdini.


Houdini, I learned, became obsessed with Spiritualism later in his life. This great magician was perhaps the first though to study the fake "mediums" and expose their trickery. Over years, he disproved what many of the Spiritualists had claimed. Nevertheless, he remained a believer and conducted his own experiments.


Reading all I could about Houdini, my interests expanded into Spiritualism as well as other occult studies over the years. While I didn't subscribe to any particular belief system, I've always been fascinated with them and have drawn some parallels between many of them.


My family has been involved with the antique trade as well as a bit of manufacturing. Their influences exposed me to aspects from both careers at quite an early age. While I became quite cognoscente of what "quality" was all about, I took a fascination to how it was accomplished. I learned a lot about materials and craftsmanship studying a lifetime of antiques of most every type.


Esoteric "machines" like automatons and other mechanical curiosities inspired me as to the possibilities which are rarely explored in "modern times..." When I first read, and confirmed, what Thomas Edison had to say about the "Spirit World", I couldn't help but to be curious about how proven psychic appliances could be improved with serious study...


Thomas Alva Edison, one of the greatest inventors of all time was a Spiritualist. He spent years of his life trying to build, and patent, a machine which would allow for communication with "the Spirit World..."


In Scientific American magazine, certainly a credible source, Edison was quoted as to say "I don't claim that our personalities pass onto another existence. I don't claim anything, because I don't know anything. For that matter, no human being knows. But I do claim that it is possible to construct an apparatus which will be so delicate that if there are personalities in another existence who wish to get in touch with us... this apparatus will at least give them a better opportunity."


Although hundreds of thousands of planchettes have sold since their birth over 150 years ago, I've yet to find anything that I can compare to my designs. These precision psychic instruments are of extraordinary construction and are certainly easier to master when compared to lesser, "toy store" quality devices.


I believe that the human mind is far from being understood. I believe that it has "powers" which although remarkable to us, are quite natural. I believe that automatism via tools such as the planchette and the ouija board lets us easily access information and sensations which are normally repressed.


If it's possible that the mind can, for example, pick up on the delicate magnetic variations which exist naturally in regions with certain mineral concentrations or water sources, perhaps this explains how so many hundreds of thousands have claimed success using "dowsing rods" or "divining rods" to find water & metals such as gold.


Some feel that there exists a spirit world and that communication is possible across it's boundaries with the powers of the mind. We are certain that if the mind can somehow communicate with other "energies" or sense "things" surrounding it, that automatism with the aid of an instrument such as a planchette will make these sensations relatively easy to access.


Planchettes, dial plate talking boards, ouija boards, dowsing rods & pendulums are time proven devices with origins going back to the beginnings of recorded history. The power of these tools, combined with the powers of the mind allow for nearly limitless capabilities.


Like Edison, I can't claim that spirits, aliens & other supernatural entities are reachable with psychic appliances of any type. I can't be absolutely certain of anything. I do strongly feel that the mind has potentials which most are unaware of. I believe, like so many, that tools like these make it fairly easy for most to explore our minds and the powers which it holds.


As Edison concludes, I too claim that it is possible to construct an apparatus which will be so delicate that IF there are personalities in another existence who wish to get in touch with us, that this apparatus will at least give them a better opportunity.


We strive to perfect time-proven devices such as the planchette. This inherent quality allows them to be much more sensitive and easier to master than they have ever been before. We think that Edison would have approved...

Thomas Alva Edison - Americas Greatest Inventor

Edison was born in 1847, a year when Michael Faraday practically invented alternating current (passing a magnet through a coil of wire, he found, generated electricity). When Edison died in 1931 (at the age of 84), the whole world was running its industry on power plants fashioned after Edison's own design, and reading its books and magazines and newspapers under light bulbs of Edison's invention. The man held 1093 patents, including several for the first motion picture camera (called the kinetescope), and the phonograph, the invention he was most proud of, made of tinfoil and wax cylinders.

He invented the carbon button transmitter, which is still being used in most of our microphones and telephones, the first alkaline storage battery, the mimeograph machine, flexible celluloid film and the first movie projector. Later, he would make the movies talk. Edison was a long-time believer in Spiritualism and had insisted that he could build a machine sensitive enough to communicate with spirits. He had colaborated with mediums who had suggested to him, upon his invention of the phonograph, that he should "build one with a larger horn, as the "spirits had their own way of speaking..." He died before he had completed the machine. Years later, it is said to have disappeared. The whereabouts of his spirit communicator remains one of the greatest mysteries surrounding the life of this great American inventor...





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The History of Psychic Tools Psychic tools have a history going back thousands of years. We attempt to explain the evolution of these "devices" as well as show the connections between each of them. From the "pendulum board" used by Pythagoras through the most recent inventions.

Thomas Alva Edison and the Spirit World Thomas Edison is certainly regarded as one of the great minds of the ages. He has over 3,000 patents to his credit, more than anyone in history. Thomas Edison invented, among thousands of other things, the light bulb, the phonograph and many other "miracles of science" which we take foregranted today. Did you know that he spent years of his life building a machine which could communicate with the dead???

The "Ouija Board" - Fact, Fiction & Folklore The "ouija board" has been accused of many things. Some claim it's a direct link to the spirit world. Others would have you think that if you as much as went near one, you'd open the gates to hell and become posessed, just like the little girl in "The Exorcist..." We explore the FACTS and let the reader judge for themselves...

Do Spirits Write Books??? Via automatism and seances, many books have been published which credit supernatural entities with the authorship. We offer a synopsis of several well known, as well as nearly completely obscure books. We begin with discussing the "Seth Books", certainly the most famous of the lot. We also explore another book by well-resepected authors. In their book, they report to have communicated with famous "ghosts" including George Washington. Although this book is from 1882, they have some interesting things to report from entities living on Mars...

The Truth About Automatic Writing Automatic Writing is a powerful ability which most of us have yet to explore. We examine the evidence on hand and attempt to explain this phenomenon as well as potentials which are hardly explored.

Ouija Boards in the Movies... Psychic tools such as the "ouija board" have made their way into the spotlight many times. We reminisce about some of our favorites.



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n : a board with the alphabet on it; used with a planchette to spell out supernatural messages [syn: Ouija, Ouija board]

Source: WordNet ® 1.6, © 1997 Princeton University