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We are currently developing several experiments related to the use of the planchette with automatic writing. We will soon announce several new experiments. Currently, we are offering users to participate in a fairly simple, yet powerful demonstration which may help prove the Spiritualists theory as to the plachettes use.

Our first experiment will ongoing, and multiple submissions, although noted, will be allowed. I have drawn "something" onto a piece of paper and sealed it into an envelope. I am the only person in the world to know what it contains. I challenge all to use a planchette to replicate what I have drawn. I will make no further explanation as to what sort of drawing I have created.

You can submit your entry via E-Mail, regular postal mail or fax machine. All participants will be entered, if they wish, into a drawing for a free automatic writing planchette. The date of the drawing has yet to be determined, but will be posted here once we decide on what's best.

I will keep a tally of the submitted results and periodically update statistics which will be available on this website, in the library, under the experiment results section... I invite suggestions about other useful experiments related to the planchette.

Please consider participating in this psychic study, exploring the capabilities of the human mind, as accessed with the aid of the planchette...

Please click here to send us an E-Mail...



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The History of Psychic Tools Psychic tools have a history going back thousands of years. We attempt to explain the evolution of these "devices" as well as show the connections between each of them. From the "pendulum board" used by Pythagoras through the most recent inventions.

Thomas Alva Edison and the Spirit World Thomas Edison is certainly regarded as one of the great minds of the ages. He has over 3,000 patents to his credit, more than anyone in history. Thomas Edison invented, among thousands of other things, the light bulb, the phonograph and many other "miracles of science" which we take foregranted today. Did you know that he spent years of his life building a machine which could communicate with the dead???

The "Ouija Board" - Fact, Fiction & Folklore The "ouija board" has been accused of many things. Some claim it's a direct link to the spirit world. Others would have you think that if you as much as went near one, you'd open the gates to hell and become posessed, just like the little girl in "The Exorcist..." We explore the FACTS and let the reader judge for themselves...

Do Spirits Write Books??? Via automatism and seances, many books have been published which credit supernatural entities with the authorship. We offer a synopsis of several well known, as well as nearly completely obscure books. We begin with discussing the "Seth Books", certainly the most famous of the lot. We also explore another book by well-resepected authors. In their book, they report to have communicated with famous "ghosts" including George Washington. Although this book is from 1882, they have some interesting things to report from entities living on Mars...

The Truth About Automatic Writing Automatic Writing is a powerful ability which most of us have yet to explore. We examine the evidence on hand and attempt to explain this phenomenon as well as potentials which are hardly explored.

Ouija Boards in the Movies... Psychic tools such as the "ouija board" have made their way into the spotlight many times. We reminisce about some of our favorites.



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Automatic Writing - also known as "Trance Writing"

Automatic writing is writing allegedly directed by a spirit or by the unconscious mind. It is sometimes called "trance" writing because it is done quickly and without judgment, writing whatever comes to mind, "without consciousness," as if in a trance. It is believed that this allows one to tap into the subconscious mind, where "the true self" dwells.

Uninhibited by the conscious mind, deep and mystical thoughts can be accessed. Trance writing is also used by some psychotherapists who think it is a quick way to release repressed memories. There is no scientific evidence that trance writing has any therapeutic value.

Advocates of automatic writing claim that the process allows them to access other intelligences and entities for information and guidance. They further claim that it permits them to recall previously irretrievable data from the subconscious mind and to unleash spiritual energy for personal growth and revelation.

According to psychic Ellie Crystal, entities from beyond are constantly trying to communicate with us. Apparently, we all have the potential to be as clairaudient as James Van Praagh and John Edward.

One 19th century medium, Hélène Smith (Catherine Müller), specialized in automatic writing and even invented a Martian alphabet to convey messages from Mars to her clients in the Martian language. Martian has a strong resemblance to Ms. Smith's native language, French, according to Théodore Flournoy, a psychology professor who investigated her claim (Randi 1995, 22).

Skeptics consider automatic writing to be little more than a parlor game, although sometimes useful for self-discovery and for getting started on a writing project. While it is likely that many unconscious desires and ideas are expressed in automatic writing, it is unlikely that they are any more profound than one's conscious notions. There is no more evidence that the true self is in the unconscious than there is that the true self is revealed while drunk or in a psychotic break.

Automatic writing may enhance personal growth if it is evaluated reflectively and with intelligence. By itself, automatic writing is no more likely to produce self-growth or worthwhile revelation than any other human activity. In fact, some people have had such bad experiences doing automatic writing that they are convinced that Satan is behind it. For some minds, apparently it is better not to know what's lurking in the cellar. Others may be disappointed to find that the cellar is empty.