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The History of Psychic Tools Psychic tools have a history going back thousands of years. We attempt to explain the evolution of these "devices" as well as show the connections between each of them. From the "pendulum board" used by Pythagoras through the most recent inventions.

Thomas Alva Edison and the Spirit World Thomas Edison is certainly regarded as one of the great minds of the ages. He has over 3,000 patents to his credit, more than anyone in history. Thomas Edison invented, among thousands of other things, the light bulb, the phonograph and many other "miracles of science" which we take foregranted today. Did you know that he spent years of his life building a machine which could communicate with the dead???

The "Ouija Board" - Fact, Fiction & Folklore The "ouija board" has been accused of many things. Some claim it's a direct link to the spirit world. Others would have you think that if you as much as went near one, you'd open the gates to hell and become posessed, just like the little girl in "The Exorcist..." We explore the FACTS and let the reader judge for themselves...

Do Spirits Write Books??? Via automatism and seances, many books have been published which credit supernatural entities with the authorship. We offer a synopsis of several well known, as well as nearly completely obscure books. We begin with discussing the "Seth Books", certainly the most famous of the lot. We also explore another book by well-resepected authors. In their book, they report to have communicated with famous "ghosts" including George Washington. Although this book is from 1882, they have some interesting things to report from entities living on Mars...

The Truth About Automatic Writing Automatic Writing is a powerful ability which most of us have yet to explore. We examine the evidence on hand and attempt to explain this phenomenon as well as potentials which are hardly explored.

Ouija Boards in the Movies... Psychic tools such as the "ouija board" have made their way into the spotlight many times. We reminisce about some of our favorites.



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Recently, attention has been directed to it anew by the wooden trifle known as the Planchette; and I have chosen the name of this mysterious toy as the title of my book, rather as a convenient signpost, pointing to one little phase of the complex whole, than as indicating fully the character of the facts here collected; for these are, I am persuaded, of supreme importance, embracing, as they do, in their relations, most of the authentic marvels in the pneumatology of ancient and modern times.

Without undervaluing the tributary services of Planchette in certain rare cases, I cannot doubt that its eccentricities are often explicable by unconscious nervous movement or by wanton deception. But, after making allowance for all that is unprofitable, trifling, and tedious in the experiments,-for all that ought to be deducted as giving no conclusive evidence of supersensual knowledge or power, - there is a remainder of well-attested results, which cannot be explained by any theory of imposture, hallucination, or unexplored nervous action; and these results belong to the class here considered.

I regret that the circumstances under which the present work was written did not permit me to shape it in nearer accordance with my own notions of completeness and of the far-reaching significance of the developments; but this earth-life is so brief and uncertain, that to have deferred my task, in order to accomplish more, might have been to accomplish nothing; and when one has something to say, he may leave it for ever unspoken if he is over-nice in his choice of modes of presentation. May I not tell the public that to your pen, my friend, they may look for something more in keeping with the amplitude of the theme; something of which I may venture to announce, - "'Tis not the hasty product of a day, But the well-ripened fruit of sage delay?"

In treating of the anti -supernaturalism of the age, you remark,"Every now and then comes forth sonhe one who says aloud, after this manner:' I know it, and also every man living knows, by his own eyes and ears, that there has nothing ever been known of the spiritual world, not a word from it even, not a miracle....

That anybody knows, or ever has known, more about it than anybody else, is nonsense. I am myself the standard by which you may measure Abraham, the patriarch; and as to his visions, they were merely dreams, such as I have myself. I am the measure of the man Paul. And, you may believe me, as to voice or light from heaven ever having come to him at the time of his conversion, that it was not so. Simply, at that time, he had an attack of vertigo, such as we all know something about.

Oh, this glorious clearing of the mind, by which now, in my view, there is nothing higher anywhere than the level of my own experience! Oh, what a comfort it is to have miracles shrink into common earthly things, and to know that nobody has ever seen them, any more than I have!' This would seem to be odd comfort; but there are persons whose needs it would seem to meet."

You anticipate that the child born this year will see in his generation our men of science become reverent believers in the supernatural of the Scriptures. In the facts I here present, you will find some reasons for this opinion; but you will also learn that there are persons who admit the phenomena, but denounce Spiritualism as a " nervous epidemic, based on a gigantic assumption, and propping an ancient superstition," namely, that of individual spirits! So, you see, there will be work still for the Spiritualists, even when the facts are generally accepted, as they are likely to be within the next quarter of a century.